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Solar power, water saving devices, accredited green energy retailers, solar panel suppliers, solar power generators, grey water savers, wind power, rain water tanks, carbon offsets & renewable energy suppliers. Environmental eco friendly / recycled building materialseco office supplies & energy audits.

Solar power systems x 90+ outlets, solar inverters, solar energy batteries, generators and renewable energy suppliers.Solar quotes electrical heating systems including solar heat extractors, solar collector and solar climate controls. Solar air conditioning PerthGrid connected solar power systems and information about Australian Government Solar Rebates and Solar Credits Rebates in Australia.

April 2024: Over 70 solar power installers and suppliers assembled to help you make the solar choice. You choose!

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Eco Village Interview:

Visnja from 3green talks with Paul Downton, principal designer at Ecopolis Architects - designers of Christie Walk in Adelaide. Read the interview. Or see new category: Eco Architects


3Green is here to help you find Electricity Suppliers, Gas Suppliers and GRP Water Tank Manufacturers in Australia. 3Green always seeks the latest information. Into 2023 we can see that China is rapidly improving its Solar Battery Manufacturer capabilities - cost vs benefit.

3Green helps advise on the advancement of other green technologies like disposable biopsy forceps for the medical industry or helping customers find a jute yarn exporter in Bangladesh for eco-friendly jute bags. All these green industry initaives assist our planet reduce its carbon footprint.

We help Australian lighting businesses find an LED Bulbs Suppliers or suppliers of Hot Water Generators, whose technology and energy efficiency has greatly improved over the last 5 years. There are dual benefits provided by any LED Bulb Supplier. First is better light at a lower cost and second -reduced greenhouse gas emissions. So a saving for the planet AND saving on power bills.


Solar Hot Water

Hot water powered by thermal solar panels and water heating using the sun like the Water Guardian. Gas boosted and electric solar models save your hot water using technology and these Australian companies. New evacuated tube solar hot water systems improve energy conversion and water heating even on cloudy days.

Water Saving Devices

Grey water recycling systems help save water.  Reducing water use helps save the valuable water resources in Australian dams, reservoirs, rivers and lakes.  Sub category : rain water tanks



Accredited green energy retailers

Renewable energy suppliers for domestic and small business use in Australia. Help reduce carbon footprint and reduce your CO2 emissions. Accredited solar, wind and other renewable energy sources

Wind turbines and power generation.

Learn about Australian companies and technology - like the Hush Wind turbine - providing technology to harness wind power on wind farms around Australia.

Wave power generation

New zero emmission technology using waves as a renewable energy resource. Floating wave energy and tidal power