Air Conditioning Condensor Pre-Cooling System


Why is a Pre-Cooling System an especially important technology?

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning account for up to 70% of the typical commercial building's energy usage. Groceries and restaurants can have an even higher percentage.
  • Cooling systems not only run longer under high ambient conditions, they also draw more power when they run. Therefore both kWh and kW increase greatly.
  • It is difficult to further reduce HVAC system energy use beyond typical practices, such as night setback modes and warmer thermostat settings. Therefore, the only way to reduce energy usage is to make the systems run more efficiently with a Pre-Cooling System.


A Pre-Cooling System provides substantial benefits:

1. Reduced Energy Costs

The reduced demand and energy usage leads to reduced demand and usage charges and substantially lower energy costs.

2. Reduced Maintenance Costs

By lowering head pressures and extending compressor life, maintenance costs can be greatly lowered. High head pressures can greatly reduce compressor life. Conversely, by lowering peak head pressures through evaporative fogging, compressor life can be greatly extended.

3. Increased Peak Cooling Capacity

By reducing the saturated liquid temperature, the system will increase peak cooling capacity by upwards of 20%.

4. Reduced Energy (kWh) Usage

The system will reduce kWh over the entire ambient temperature range from 75 F and higher. Depending on the actual ambient conditions, kWh savings of 11% to 20% can be expected.

5. Reduced Peak Demand (kW)

The system will reduce kW over the entire ambient temperature range from 75 F and higher. Again, depending on actual ambient conditions, peak kW savings of up to 30% can be expected.

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