CB Solar - Gold Coast QLD 4214 - Ph 1800 227 652

CB Solar - Gold Coast QLD 4214 - Ph 1800 227 652

There has never been a better time to harness the sun’s energy and slash your power bills. CB Solar specialise in providing high quality solar panel systems that are customised for your home or business – to give you the most energy-efficient power that is suited to your budget.

Our quality systems and accreditations ensure that only the best products are utilised and every job is completed to the highest standard. We use only quality and high efficiency field-tested panels & inverters. Our installers are all licensed electricians who are CEC (Clean Energy Council) accredited.

We offer a range of high efficiency panels and inverters, so we can match a solar panel system to your budget, providing you with the best energy-saving solution for your household.



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