Precision Wind Technology

Precision Wind Technology

Marty's background is basically engineering orientated, he has been living on alternate energy and living an alternate lifestyle since 1990 after quitting the Construction industry. Precision Wind Technology came into being in late1995 and has been supplying quality alternate energy equipment since that time.

PWT have been an authorised Australian importers and service agents for Southwest Windpower products, including Air Marine and Air Land, since 1995. PWT is able to provide you with spare parts, prompt warranty service and 403 upgrades for old 303 units. Naturally, we also supply new units.

Having built a couple of yachts Marty owned a self-completed yacht, an S&S 34 named "Shanty", for 17 years. During that time "Shanty" covered over 30000 ocean miles both racing and cruising. Cruising the South Pacific, Marty lived aboard "Shanty" for over 6 years, the travels took in 2 trips to New Zealand and many of the South Pacific Islands. All of these passages were made short or single handed.

"Shanty" has now been sold and a new 38', Kurt Hughes, strip plank - epoxy, catamaran, "Kiss", is currently under construction. Progress of the construction of "Kiss" will be published in our "News and views" page.

On the land side of things, PWT has been based in the Gold Coast Hinterland operating from its fully alternate, solar powered premises. However, a new, purpose built premises has been constructed at PWT's recently acquired 6 acre property, "Yarrageh", at Crystal Creek in Northern NSW. This property is being set up as a fully alternate powered, grid interactive, alternative lifestyle, "how to do it", or, "how not to do it", testing ground. As time goes on we will be testing various pieces of alternate equipment including solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, composting toilets and horticulture techniques. Weed problems will be tackled not with poison but by pasture improvement to allow native grasses to choke out the weeds. Erosion problems are being tackled with Vetiver grass. All our findings and progress at "Yarrageh" will be published in our "News and Views" page.

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