Quench Showers - Use 4 times less water

Quench Showers - Use 4 times less water

What is the Quench shower?

From the driest continent on Earth – Australia - the Quench shower is the latest innovation designed to significantly reduce water and energy consumption in the home.

Quench Shower is a system that substantially minimises clean water running down the drain.

How does it work and does the process of showering change?

As the process of showering is different for everyone the Quench method is based on the following:

Simply enter the Quench shower and begin to efficiently wash your body using soap & shampoo and rinse off thoroughly. Once the soapy water has disappeared down the drain, push down the drain cover and allow the reservoir to fill (approximately 4 litres (1 gallon) of clean temperature-controlled water). Turn the shower off.

Activate the Auto-Mode and the water will re-circulate continuously through the shower for as long as you like.

The water is filtered, pressurised and heated to the temperature that is set by the user at the control panel – using only 4 litres (1 gallon)!

When you finish simply pop the drain cover up (emptying the reservoir) and step out. Next activate the Sanitize–Rinse cycle and the entire system will be effectively sanitized and rinsed leaving the system in its original hygienic condition ready for the next shower.

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