Solar hot water systems - Close-coupled systems - INSOLAR

Solar hot water systems - Close-coupled systems - INSOLAR
Insolar supplies efficient and reliable solutions that save water and the energy to heat it.
We can help reduce your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, saving money whilst caring for the environment

Solar Hot Water

In Victoria, on a North facing unshaded roof, it is possible for the sun to provide up to 89% of a household's hot water needs. In the summer the sun will produce almost all the hot water you will need. However, in winter where there is not quite enough heat in the sun and length in the day, it is necessary to boost the temperature in the cylinder from say 35 degrees up to 60 degrees using Gas, Electricity or Fire.

Solar hot water systems work most effectively where the panels are pointing within 35 degrees of True North (which is approximately 12 degrees west of what your compass shows). If none of your roof points within 35 degrees of North then you can orientate the collector panels to North using a frame, or you can use higher efficiency panels and face them to the West (please note you may sacrifice part of your government rebate by doing this).

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