TCK SOLAR - 03 9018 7819

TCK SOLAR - 03 9018 7819

Electricity prices are on the rise. Installing a Solar System on your property will reduce your reliance on your electricity supplier. From the moment of installation your solar system produces electricity for free by using the sun as your environmentally-friendly power provider.


With the current federal and state government commitment, you are eligible for a one-off rebate and a continuous feedin tariff for the next 15 years. These incentives will enable you to pay back the cost of your system in around 7 years.


Quality is what matters when investing in a solar system which is supposed to last up to 40 years. We exclusively import our core components from suppliers manufacturing in Germany which have up to 30 years of experience and are known for the highest quality available. Many years of working experience within SOLON and the industry are giving us full confidence that we have chosen the right suppliers.

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