Ecoplus solar energy, solar hot water - Adelaide. Ph 8154 1800

Ecoplus solar energy, solar hot water - Adelaide. Ph 8154 1800

EKO Energy started out with just one man with a vision to make solar energy affordable for his own home and family. By mortgaging his home, he was able to buy solar systems in bulk, which he then shared with his neighbours, so that together they could save money, energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The word soon spread until today, we’ve become one of Australia’s largest renewable energy companies. Our team of expert installers have brought the power of the sun to thousands of families – and businesses – all over the country. No-one’s going to put more energy into getting you onto solar power because it’s what we truly believe in.

Here in Australia, we are lucky to live in a very sunny country. By installing a solar energy system on your property, you get two major benefits:

1. Surplus energy that you create but don't use can be sold back into the main electricity grid - at a higher price than you pay for it! Because the exact rates vary from individual providers, Ecoplus will come to your home to help you through the process and start saving money through generating your own energy.

2. When you purchase your solar energy system, you will be allocated a number of Renewable Energy Certificates (STCs). The number of STCs you receive is determined by the size and energy efficiency of your system.

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