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Solar Panel Perth WA and Solar Panel Installers in Perth. Installation of Grid Connected Solar Panels and Stand Alone Power Systems in Perth and WEST AUSTRALIA. The best advice to home owners in Perth wanting to install solar panels - is to get the best quality panels AND look for established / reputable solar panel installers. After 5 years of running 3Green we have received many calls from solar home owners needing follow up service after installation. Sometimes the companies have closed down.

So our top solar installation tip: Go with an established company. If they are a new company - ask what guarantees they offer. Ideally, you want solar panel Perth guarantee that comes from the manufacturer. So if your installer closes down - you can go back to the manufacturer.

  • Infinite Energy - Solar Panels and Solar Hot Water Perth Wa. Phone 1300 074 669
    Our installers and designers are licensed qualified electricians, accredited with the Clean Energy Council of Australia for the design and installation of Solar Energy Systems and have completed over 3000 installations in Western Australia. We use only the highest quality solar PV modules, inverters and mounting systems from world leaders such as SMA, Suntech, Conergy and Power One Aurora.
  • Solar WA-Solar Energy Experts - Phone 1300 833 145
    Solar WA Pty Ltd offer solar photovoltaic (PV), energy storage systems and reverse cycle Air-conditioning to residential customers and commercial businesses in Western Australia.
  • REI - Renewable Energy International Perth - Ph 08 6555 2408
    Renewable Energy International Pty. Ltd. (REI) is a specialist renewable energy company, founded by its Managing Director, Mr. John Hall, who has over 30 years experience in the industry within Australia and overseas.
  • Solar Panel Systems Design and Installation Perth - Energy Pak. PHONE 08 9525 5559
    Do not make the mistake of buying a poor quality solar power system! Our advice to Perth home owners looking to Solar Power to save money on their ever increasing power bills is "know the products you purchase." Seek high profile, long established, quality manufacturers of PV modules, Inverters & mounting systems - preferably European, then shop for a company to quote you a quality, technically sound, professional installation of those solar components.
  • Solar E - Solar Panels and Hot Water in Perth.
    We only offer the best Solar Hot Water and Solar Power Systems from our showroom and warehouse based at 153 Belmont Av, Belmont, Perth.

    We understand that you have a large number of local and interstate dealerships giving you conflicting information across a wide range of products. The facts speak for themselves; take time to read through our website and associated product fact sheets before committing to purchase.
  • Solar My World - Perth Solar - Ph 1300 011 910
    Solar Power is a clean and safe alternative power source that can be used in addition to your current power supply or be installed stand alone where scheme power may not be available. There are also government rebates and incentives now available to certain installations.

    Installing a renewable energy system at your home, business or development is a significant investment and one you want to trust to someone with a proven track record. We are very proud that our systems are world class.